Snappy & Easy MOTHER’S DAY Gift

Felt Flowers:

A bunch of these pretty no-sew felt blooms by Heidi(Happiness is Homemade) influences a magnificent custom made Mother’s Day to blessing thought! Sufficiently simple for children to make, yet a good time for grown-ups, as well! A sweet Mother’s Day make that the entire family will appreciate!

Mother’s Day is practically around the corner. These delightful felt blooms influence an immaculate custom made Mother’s Day to blessing thought! They’re easy to the point that youngsters as youthful as 3 or 4 can make them (with some help, obviously!), yet they’re such a great amount of amusing to make that even the grown-ups will need to make some also!felt


• Felt

• Buttons in grouped shapes and hues

• Felt Glue

• Sticks (painted with green paper)

• Green lace

• Gluefelt

Instructions to make felt flowers:

1. Select the hues and sizes of felt pieces that you need to utilize (3 to 5 work best) and begin layering. Add a dab of paste to the focal point of each layer to hold your blossom together, yet don’t stick the distance to the external edges. This will make a blossom with more profundity and measurement.

2. Complete the focal point of each blossom by sticking on a vivid catch, or layering two distinctive measured catches to make significantly more measurement.felt

3. Paste a stick or paper straw to the back of the bloom to fill in as the stem. Felt paste will work, yet heated glue will work shockingly better as it holds unequivocally and dries rapidly. Tie a short length of green strip to the stick to make takes off.

4. Package your blossoms together and put them in your most loved vase. Insight: if the mouth of your vase is too wide to hold the blooms upright, take a stab at putting a little bit of flower froth or playdough in the base of the vase to hold the stems set up.felt

5. These felt blossoms are so snappy and simple, and they are super charming! They influence a sweet Mother’s Day to blessing, in any case, they’d be a beautiful and welcome blessing whenever of the year!

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