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Paper Geode Festoon

Paper geode festoon well ordered

Facilitating a get-together is an awesome opportunity to give your inventiveness something to do! Rather than depending on party organizers or sticking up a similar nonexclusive beautification you utilize each year, awe your visitors with high quality paper geode wreath stylistic layout.

We have well-ordered guidelines and in addition the geode layout for you.


  • Geode design
  • Hued papers
  •  Scissors
  • Twofold sided tape or paste
  • Art cut
  • String

paper geode

1. Cut out paper geode shapes from the layout.

paper geode

2. Utilizing your specialty cut overlay along the spotted lines of the cut out.

paper geode

3. Overlay the paper into a crystal with the specked lines of within and put portions of the twofold sided tape along the greater part of the external tabs of one of the patterns. On the second tab, put twofold sided tape along the inward tab.
paper geode

4. Utilizing needle, tenderly string through the highest point of the one crystal and peel of the twofold sided tape and append the principal crystal over the bunch on your string and furthermore string during that time crystal from within.
paper geode

5. Fit the two sorts out and peel off the rest of the tape and join it to tabs to tabs as expected to finish your laurel.
paper geode

Wrapped up! Have a great time đŸ˜‰

paper geode


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