3D Paper Flower Bouquets

With Mother’s Day coming up,

We have flowers at the forefront of our thoughts. Blessing mother something lovely and handcrafted like these perfect Paper flower Bouquets. Children can get in on the enjoyment by helping punch out paper, tape, stick and amass blooms. They can likewise plan their own particular 3D vase by shading their own! (see our heart form underneath).flower

3D Paper Flower Bouquets instructional exercise


  • Printable 3D Vase
  • Colored cardstock
  • Decorative straws
  • Tape, consistent
  • Heart puncher
  • Scrap tissue paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors


1. For the vase, print out the outline you like and cut it.

2. Overlap in the folds along the scored lines and furthermore along the middle dark lines. Utilize twofold stick tape or paste to tape to a bit of shaded cardstock.

3. For the blooms. Cut out hearts utilizing you heart puncher. For each bloom, utilize 5 hearts. Overlay hearts into equal parts. At that point line them up one next to the other in a roundabout shape and tape the back (or utilize stick). Scrunch up a little bit of tissue paper and paste to focus of bloom.


4. Tape bloom to a beautifying straw.

5. Cut straightforward green clears out. Utilize tape or paste to cling to the straw blooms.

6. Rehash for the same number of sprouts as you’d like in your vase. We utilized 5 blooms for every vase. Essentially include the blossoms inside the vase. Utilize twofold stick tape to secure to cardstock so they don’t fall around or move.

Kids can make their own particular 3D vase by shading their own!flower flower flower flower (4 plans including clear one to shading your own!) flower

Have a great time 😉

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